Premium Quality Dextran Derivatives

Using TdB’s premium products with narrow fractions will give you reliable and reproducible results.

Looking for an expert on Dextran Derivatives? We produce, analyse and develop custom products for your project.

Our core business is dextran and dextran derivatives, but we have expertise in most aspects of polysaccharide chemistry. This includes not only synthesis but also chemical and physical chemical characterisation.

TdB Consultancy specialises particularly in the synthesis of fluorescent derivatives of polysaccharides and apart from the FITC- and TRITC-derivatives, we are at present preparing a new range of fluorophores.

For a presentation of intravital studies using fluorescent dextrans pdfclick here.


2019-01-14 New distributor in Taiwan

We are proud to present Biocommander International Co., Ltd. as our newest and first distributor in Taiwan.
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2018-12- 17 Notice: Christmas closure

We will be closed for Christmas Holidays from 22nd of December 2018 until 1st of January 2019.
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2018-11-12 Updated product catalogue!

Our latest version of the product catalogue includes all our new products, including FITC-Lysine dextran, FITC-Q dextran, Antonia Red™-dextran, Antonia Red™-Lysine dextran, ATTO647N-dextran and Lysine-dextran.
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2018-05-01 NEW: Lysine Dextran

High-quality Lysine Dextran is now available!
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2018-05-01 NEW: Antonia Red™ Dextran

Antonia Red is a red-shifted dye with ex/em 582/602 nm.
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2017-04-17 NEW: Improved TRITC-Dextran

Read more about our improved TRITC-labeled dextran
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High quality analysis of your substance

We can now offer a series of analyses specific to charged and uncharged dextran and Polysucrose derivatives. This includes molecular weight determination using GPC (gel permeation chromatography), determinations of degrees of substitution for dextran sulfates.

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Let us develop and produce your customized product

An important part of our services comprises the development and production of customised products. This entails not only chemical synthesis but also Quality Control aspects; Specifications, Analytical methods, MSDS, biological assays and stability.

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Dextran sulphate 5 (DB004)

Dextran sulphate 5 (DB004)

Dextran sulphate 5 is manufactured by sulphation of a selected fraction of dextran. The product is carefully purified from reagents, solvents and by products and is stabilised by a small addition of phosphate salts. It is supplied as a white to yellowish odourless powder which is readily soluble in water. It is stable indefinitely when stored in well sealed containers at room temperature. A certificate of analysis is supplied with each batch. The molecular weight range, sulphur content, moisture etc are carefully controlled. The sulphur content lies between 16 and 20%.

938 SEK
Fact Value
Catalog no. DB004
Availability In stock
Mol.wt 5000