Dextran sulphates

CAS No. 9011-18-1

Dextran sulphates may be produced with a wide range of molecular weights and degrees of sulphation. Our present range includes products with molecular weights from a few thousand Daltons to several million Daltons.

Each of the products within this range is supplied with sulphur contents of 9-13% and 16-20%.

Please note that the molecular weights given are those of the final product which is NOT necessarily the same as the dextran starting material, although in some cases this may be similar. For convenience the molecular weights are determined by GPC using dextran standards. This also gives information on the distribution within the fraction.

Different manufacturers may use different methods for the manufacture of dextran sulpates and this may also influence their properties. All our dextran sulphates are manufactured by the same process which give pure white products.

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