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2018-05-01 NEW: Lysine Dextran

High-quality Lysine Dextran is now available!

TdB Consultancy is now launching Lysine Dextran products – dextran derivatives carrying both free primary amines and free carboxylates. Lysine is naturally occurring amino acid and popular moiety for conjugation and fixation in biochemistry and life sciences.

Lysine Dextran (or Dextran Lysine fixable) is supplied as a white and water-soluble powder and is an environmentally friendly aminodextran developed in order to meet an increasing demand from the scientific community for non-toxic, versatile polysaccharides.

Lysine dextran is a dextran polymer chain of various MW (see below) carrying the natural amino acid Lysine as a substituent. Lysine Dextran can be labeled with dyes or biomolecules under mild conditions and fixes well in cells and tissue when treated with formaldehyde or glutaraldehyde.

Our high quality Lysine Dextran offers:

  • Excellent MW distribution (Low Pd)
  • High quality, white and pure powder formulations
  • Good stability and performance
  • Fixability in cells and tissue
  • Easy conjugation to dyes or biomolecules
  • Full water solubility

Please visit for more information and to place an order!