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About TdB Consultancy

The company was started in 1990 and at first was mostly a consultancy enterprise. Later products for research and development in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and biotech were introduced. These products were mostly based on dextran but other polysaccharides, such as Polysucrose, inulin, hyaluronic acid, mucopolysaccharides etc., have been involved.

About 20 years ago the company was involved in developing a dextran sulphate for inducing colitis in experimental animals. This has proved an invaluable tool for studying the causes and treatment inflammation in the gut. We have over the years developed many types of dextran sulphates for customers – differing in molecular weight, degree of sulphation and also method of synthesis. Other dextran derivatives that have been designed  are carboxymethyl derivatives, thiol-derivatives, amino- and amino-acid derivatives. FITC- and TRITC-dextrans offer convenient and sensitive probes for measuring permeability of vessels, tissues and membranes. These products are available in a range of molecular weights and chromophore contents and also with added cationic or anionic charges.

The characterisation of these types of molecules requires a profound insight into all aspects of polymer characterisation and in particular the complexities of work with polysaccharides. We have long experience in these fields and have access to all necessary instrumentation for examining these problems.

We have considerable experience in developing products from the lab. bench to full scale production  - a process in which not only chemical aspects have to be taken into account but also cost management and environmental issues. At present we can produce up to 5-10 kg batch sizes.