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Antonia Red™ Lysine Dextrans

As a leading producer of fluorescent polysaccharides, we have over the years received requests for more red-shifted products similar to Texas RedTM. The field of optical imaging is in constant need of new fluorescent probes and we are now proud to launch Antonia Red dextran as part of our new product family Antonia Red-labelled products.

We are now presenting a fixable Lysine derivative of the popular Antonia Red Dextran. We call this product Antonia Red Lysine Dextran (ARLD).

Our high quality Antonia Red Lysine Dextran offer:

  • easy conjugation to biomolecules and surfaces
  • efficient fixation in cells and tissue
  • bright fluorescence
  • red-shifted emission and excitation (583/602 nm)
  • good photo- and chemical stability
  • non-pH dependence
  • particle-free formulations
  • excellent water solubility

If you need larger quantities please contact us for a bulk quotation.