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ATTO488™-lysine dextran 10 (AT488LD10)

ATTO488TM-lysine dextran 10 is manufactured by reacting a selected dextran fraction with an ATTO488 derivative. The product is purified from reagents, solvents and by-products. The product is supplied as an orange powder, which is soluble in water. The mean average molecular weight is approx. 10000 Da. The actual molecular weight is measured by gel permeation chromatography (GPC). The degree of substitution is between 0.001-0.008. The absorption maximum is 502 nm and the emission maximum is 524 nm. The fluorophore ATTO488 displays strong absorption, high quantum yield and photo-stability. ATTO488 Lysine Dextran 10 is stable when stored in well-sealed containers at room temperature in the dark.

ATTO dye is a trademark of ATTO-Tec.


3886 SEK
Fact Value
Catalog no. AT488LD10
Availability In stock
Mol.wt 8000-12000
Degree of substitution 0.001-0.01
Excitation 502 nm
Emission 524 nm