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Dextran and Polysucrose derivatives

We aim to provide a series of dextran and Polysucrose derivatives for customers to test and optimise new applications.

Initially we have provided a range of dextran sulphates with molecular weights from 5000 to several million. The sulphate fractions are supplied with low degree of sulphation (8 -13% S) and with high degree of sulphation (16-20%) and are described separately under the "Dextran Sulphates" tab in the products menu. 

In this section we are pleased to present the following dextran derivatives. 

  • DEAE-dextrans 
  • Q-dextrans (Quaternary-ammonium dextrans)
  • CM-dextrans (Carboxymethyl-dextrans)
  • Phenyl-dextrans
  • Lysine Dextrans

The following Polysucrose derivatives are also available:- 

  • DEAE-Polysucrose
  • CM-Polysucrose

Please make suggestions and ask for a quotation if the desired product is not in our list. Furthermore, customers who are interested in obtaining bulk quantities may request a quotation.

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