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Polysucroses (sold as Ficoll™ by GE Healthcare) are high molecular weight sucrose-polymers formed by copolymerization of sucrose with epichlorohydrin.

CAS No. 26873-85-8

The molecules are highly branched and the high content of hydroxyl groups leads to very good solubility in aqueous media. Polysucroses behaves as an ideal neutral sphere and has been proposed as the molecule of choice for studying pore size distribution and the permeability of membranes. 

The stability of Polysucroses is chiefly determined by the glycosidic bonds in the sucrose residues. Polysucrose does not contain any ionized groups, so the structure does not react under physiological conditions. It is stable in alkaline and neutral solutions, but is rapidly hydrolyzed in solution at pH 3, especially at elevated temperature. Strong oxidizing and reducing agents should be avoided. Polysucrose is provided as a dry powder and is extremely hydrophilic. Solutions are best prepared by slowly stirring Polysucrose into aqueous buffer. Gentle heating may be required for complete solubilization. 

  • Readily soluble in water and electrolyte solution 
  • Clear and stable solutions 
  • No charged groups - neutral polymer 
  • Excellent biocompatibility 
  • Excellent stability - can be autoclaved 
  • Derived from renewable resources and is readily broken down in ecological systems